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Patrick And Robin


A few weeks ago, I had the great fortune of being able to photograph the wedding of Patrick and Robin.   With the help of Lisa and Andy to help w/ lighting and shooting, we were able to get some images that we were quite happy with.

While I’m still working post-processing all of the images, I came up with a few images in a slideshow to give a feel of their day.  Hope you enjoy it: Patrick and Robin’s Wedding Gallery

6 Responses to Patrick And Robin

  1. emily says:

    Matt, excellent picts. You got some awesome shots of the church and bride and groom. Definitely this is something that you and Lisa should keep pursuing! Good Luck. See you in 6 months!

  2. Joyce C. Ervin says:

    Beautiful. I most enjoyed the random shots rather than “posed for”. Also, I thought it very artistic, e.g. girls sitting in pew showing portions of their bodie and the flowers, the bride’s shoes, the bridesmaids blurred from the shot to highlight the bride and the groom.

    Artfully, done. Congratulations.

  3. Cheryl Maxwell says:

    I was given your name by Evelyn Finn. I’m getting married July 31, 2010 and was wondering what your prices are and if you are available that day?

  4. Buster says:

    Which wp theme are you using on your website? Is it from these guys by any chance:

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