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Summer vacation in New England

Lisa and I had a wonderful vacation in New England, spending the majority of it in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Lots of hiking, lots of shooting.  And lots of people.  I think because of how busy it was, Acadia NP didn’t really match up w/ my expectations but was nice to get away nonetheless.

For the last couple days, we made a quick dip down to Killington, Vermont to meet my sister-in-law Lynn.  Fun small towns, some pottery, a fun hike, and a bit of cheese & ice cream finished up the trip quite nicely.  Outside of Colorado, Vermont might be my choice for a destination for my dream log cabin.  Just has that vibe about it….  Plus, it has a fun motorcycle rally every year:

Here’s a slideshow of our trip (images still being processed, sadly….  So lazy…)

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