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Family Portraits at Kevin and Tina’s

Marissa and Tina
Originally uploaded by Matthew Britt

Kevin and Tina graciously allowed me to invade their home on Super Bowl Sunday and destroy their basement in order to create a makeshift studio (and then watch the best Super Bowl in memory). We lit everyone up with umbrellas, softboxes and reflectors and used a couple different background.

Despite some difficulties with one my Cactus remotes (the Poverty Wizards), I think the shoot went well. Tried a couple different lighting schemes (blowing out the background and some clamshell beauty lighting on Marissa). Overall, was quite happy with how everything turned out.

Here’s a slideshow of the best shots of the day. Definitely best viewed full-screen – there is a button in the bottom right-hand side of the slideshow window.

2 Responses to Family Portraits at Kevin and Tina’s

  1. Cathy Morgan says:

    For the moment, I’m ignoring your other, magnificent work so I can just say how really, really nice it is to be able to check in on T & K & m & d & c this way.

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