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Outdoor and Digital Photo Seminar

Bob Krist
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Had the good fortune to attend this 2 day seminar this past weekend which was sponsored by Nikon and Epson, as well as Outdoor Photographer and PCPhoto magazines. The traveling seminar goes all over the country; I attended in Columbus, OH. There are four speakers who conduct the tour; this particular incarnation had Bruce Dale and Bob Krist as speakers. Both Dale and Krist are well-known authors and magazine contributors, most notably National Geographic.

Between the two, there was a lot of coverage on how to approach making photos and projects, lighting, gear, travel, panoramics and a ton more. I was amazed – there was a huge crowd and by judging from conversations in the crowd, a large range of skill levels, and the talks appealed to everyone. Both speakers spent a day giving pointers and retelling some of their adventures, generating ‘oohs and ahhs’ from their images and laughter from their stories with equal measure.

There is only one more class (Raleigh, NC) for 2008, but if they continue the tour in 2009, I’d highly recommend attending both days. Instructionally, there was very little overlap (in my case, Dale covering more landscape photography while Krist focused on travel photography) and for only $20 more, was a fantastic deal. If the other two speakers come around anywhere nearby, I’ll be attending again.

As a great bonus, was a lucky winner of Bruce Dale’s out-of-print book ‘The American Southwest.’ Other than having Michigan beat OSU, not sure if you could spend a better weekend in Columbus.

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