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My photo book arrived

Tree On Fire
Originally uploaded by Matthew Britt

I had ordered a hardcover book to show my autumn images. After what seemed like an eternity (all anticipation – the order actually shipped quite quickly), my book arrived from Apple. The images in the book turned out very well and the embossed cover is really nice. Normal Apple quality. Sadly, the dust jacket didn’t print as well as I had hoped. After a quick conversation with Apple, they took care of the problem. I’ve only had to deal with Apple about problems a few times and every time it has been handled with speed and professionalism.

I definitely made some mistakes in the layout and texting of the book, but all in all, have been very happy with it.

To see the images I chose from for the book, here is a slideshow on flickr. Highly recommend using the full-screen option.

To see the layout of the book (although the colors aren’t quite as saturated), I have an online version here. Again, full-screen mode is best.

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